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(Re)Seed.  A participatory installation at The New Art Festival, Ottawa
by Susie Osler







Artist's Statement
Nature is full of ephemeral beauty and transient gifts - clouds shaping and reshaping, the morning and evening light, bird song in spring, the fleeting bloom of flowers…  Everything moves and morphs.  A meadow of wild flowers changes year to year. Beauty settles in temporarily, then offers itself elsewhere.  Flowers disappear only to pop up in another unexpected place to delight and surprise.
2000 ceramic flowers were 'planted' on in Central Park, Ottawa during The New Art Festival (June 4/5).  Visitors to the festival were invited to take a flower and to help ‘re-seed’ the meadow by planting the chosen flower somewhere else - in a spot, or to a person they felt needed an offering of beauty, joy, hope, nature, peace. 

For the full 'story' about this project click here

Here are a couple of pictures of the installation in situ, and visitors young, and old(er) reflecting on the flower field, and choosing a flower to 're-seed'.  More to come, including photos from participants who picked flowers from the meadow to re-seed elsewhere.

Here's a photo of a 're-seeded' flower that was placed in a Petro-Can station in Westboro, Ottawa (spot the yellow flower). I placed it there on my way home from The New Art Festival where (Re)Seed had been installed.  More photos of flowers that were 'picked' at the festival and re-located, or re-seeded elsewhere have been posted in the  Photo Gallery of the project.