2017 marks an exciting milestone for Fieldwork! We are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year with Soundwork - an exhibition of 6 new installations that incorporate sound. We hope you will journey out this season with friends and family to experience the diverse ways that artists think about, and use sound in their creative work at Fieldwork.


Soundwork: Opens Saturday, May 13. 2-5pm.

An afternoon of artists' talks, a tour, performances and workshops.


Mixed Metaphors (Jesse Stewart & Matt Edwards)

Hilary Martin & Ranjit Bhatnagar

Annette Hegel & Deborah Margo

Matt Rogalsky & Laura Cameron

Doug Van Nort

Nicola Oddy



2pm - Opening remarks. Artist introductions

2:30 - Singwalk (with Diana Smith for Nicola Oddy)

3:00 - Listening workshop (with Doug Van Nort)

3:30 - Castorimba Performance (with Gayle Young, Reinhard Reitzenstein)

4:00 - Performance of Erratic Grass (with Mixed Metaphors - Jesse Stewart and Matt Edwards)

4:30 - refreshments/wrap up


Explore art in nature along our field and forest trails. Fieldwork is open to the public all year long, free of charge. This exhibiton as well as many ongoing installations from previous years are yours to discover.


More information about this year's installations will be posted on the website and on our social media channels in the coming weeks so please follow us and share our pages with your friends.  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram



Fieldwork has been funded by the Ontario Arts Council since 2008.  We also rely on the generosity of our supporters. We appreciate donations of any size.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss donating.



Fieldwork  is open to the public daily, all year and free of charge.  Just park and walk.
Note: Please remember that it is a natural setting and there are bugs (including ticks).  Be sure to dress accordingly and cover up.
Directions to the project are

Since its inception in 2008, Fieldwork has been run by a team of artists (The Collective) that volunteer their time and energy to make Fieldwork a vibrant and dynamic destination for the creation and experience of site-specific artwork in and around a field in eastern Ontario, close to the towns of Perth and Maberly.

Fieldwork hosts work by local, national and international artists at various stages of their careers and invites the public to visit and explore the artwork all year long. 

The Collective looks after the site, co-ordinates and promotes projects, shares administrative duties and makes joint curatorial decisions. From time to time the Collective members also create their own Fieldwork installations.

The Fieldwork Collective welcomes proposals from interested artists and circulates a public call for proposals annually in January.  Suggestions and proposals for events or workshops are also welcomed from the local community, schools and arts organizations that are interested in fostering connections, dialogue and creative action between people, art, and nature. Please contact us at fieldworkproject@gmail.com

More information on current and past installations can be found by scrolling down this page and/or by looking in the archives in the right hand menu.  Be sure to also check out additional photos of the installations - found in the galleries located in the right hand menu.

susie osler - Mar 28, 2017


Soundwork, our 2017 exhibition of 6 new installations, features an intriguing array of sonic responses to the landscape here at Fieldwork.  Nicola Oddy's offering Singwalk, encourages an exploration of vocal responses to particular points in the landscape.  A self-guided tour leads visitors through forest and field prompting different vocal expressions at 8 'singpoints' identified by signs displaying the logo pictured above. 

Experience your own unique vocal responses to the land and various installations by following the instructions at each stop along the Singwalk trail.  A brochure/map to help guide you to these 'Singpoints' can be found in the box in the parking area at Fieldwork.

In addition to the self guided trail, which is accessible to the public all year long, there will be three scheduled Singwalks this summer, guided by Nicola, where we will pay more attention on how it feels to sing in the environment with others. We will experience our relationship to each other by singing in a group in the context of the installation.  

The guided Singwalks at Fieldwork will take place on June 11, July 2 and Sept. 10 at 11a.m. for approximately one hour. Participants will be invited to experience the voice, and connect with the body, emotion and spirit through the voice in the wilderness setting. Sung material will be improvised with guidance from Nicola. Elements such as whether or not the group is large or small, if the group members are regular participants or there for a one-time experience will determine the type of experience each week. It will always be different because the dynamics of the group will change each time.

To register for any of the guided Singwalks please contact Nicola here.

And remember that spontaneous vocalizations at Fieldwork at any time are most welcome!

susie osler - May 7, 2017

MANY MANY THANKS to Tackaberry Sand & Stone (and Allan McMunn) for donating 20 tons of lovely limestone for the creation of Hilary Martin's installation Stone Song.

Tackaberry is well known locally for its corporate generosity and its beautiful stone.

susie osler - May 1, 2017
Fieldwork, Framework: Words on the Land 2016, Ottawa Writers Festival

We are so very pleased to now have this gem of a video documenting Framework: Words on the Land 2016. It is short and sweet and provides a window into the experience for the 9 writers who participated.

Featuring: Helen Humphreys, John Steffler, Alissa York, Sandra Ridley, Pearl Pirie, Jonathan Kaplansky, Monty Reid, John K Grande and Katherine Graham

Very very special thanks goes to the generous and talented Orion Zuyderhoff-Gray for making this exceptional bit of documentation for us.

Let us know what you think!

Click here to watch

susie osler - Mar 28, 2017
storywork: telling tales rooted in the land at fieldwork, 2016,


Fieldwork is delighted to be partnering with 2wp and the Ottawa International Writers Festival in presenting an afternoon performance of storytelling Saturday, September 24. 2-4 pm.

With: Marie Bilodeau, Katherine Grier, Daniel Kletke, and Marta Singh. Curated by Jennifer Cayley (2wp)

Four of our region's finest storytellers journeyed into the very particular natural and creative landscapes at Fieldwork this summer. Inspired by their experiences and by an abiding love for the old stories, these Tellers will bring a vivid performance of telling tales to the loft at Fieldwork.

Storywork: Telling Tales Rooted in the Land will offer audience members a rich and memorable experience of some of our ancient, yet oh-so-contemporary narrative gems.

For keen listeners aged 12 and up.

Tickets: $20 through the Ottawa Writers Festival HERE

Location: The barn loft at Fieldwork - 2501 Old Brooke Rd. 15 minutes west of Perth. Map HERE



If you don’t know the trees you may be lost in the forest,
but if you don’t know the stories you may be lost in life
                                                                                                  (Siberian elder)
How long is it since someone told you not just a good story but a great story, filled with adventures, transformations, compelling journeys and valiant people facing life’s challenges with perseverance and imagination? For most adults the answer to this question is: not for a very long time. Now is your chance to change that. Fieldwork and 2 women production (2wp) are offering you a unique opportunity to re-discover the very particular experience of listening to some of the all time great tales from traditional oral literature. Storywork: Telling Tales Rooted in the Land will be taking place on Sept 24, 2-4pm with support from the Ottawa International Writer’s Festival (OIWF), the Ontario Arts Council and National Bank Financial.
2 women productions (2wp) is dedicated to high quality adult storytelling performances for audiences in Eastern Ontario. People may remember 2wp’s annual series of three productions that toured the area several years ago. Fieldwork, has presented exhibitions and events related to its rural landscape for 9 years; bringing contemporary art to the rural landscape near Perth with an annual exhibition of site-specific art installations; hosting a writers' weekend and public reading (Framework: Words on the Land); and now (new this year) hosting this Storytelling event.
A shared interest in landscape and its place in the development of both visual arts and storytelling resulted in this year's partnership between 2wp and Fieldwork. Jennifer Cayley (curator, 2wp) has assembled four skilled professional tellers- each with a reverence for traditional stories. Marie Bilodeau, Daniel Kletke Katherine Grier and Marta Singh are four revered professional storytellers who will  breathe life into some grand old tales that explore connections to history and the landscape that we live in.

Listeners will be carried back to a time when folk and fairy tales were integral to the fabric of cultural life. They will be reminded that though these stories are increasingly sidelined and forgotten in the bustle of the contemporary world, they are deeply engaging and filled with insight, challenge and delight. 
Storywork:Telling Tales Rooted in the Land will be held in the intimate loft of Fieldwork's old barn near Perth. Opportunities to experience the quiet strength and enchantment of folk and fairy tale are indeed, few and far between. Space is limited so do consider purchasing your tickets early. It's an event not to be missed!

Fieldwork and 2wp acknowledge the generous support from the Ontario Arts Council and National Bank Financial which has helped to make this event possible.
susie osler - Sep 14, 2016
Fieldwork, Framework: Words on the Land, writing on the land

Fieldwork's second edition of Framework: Words on the Land is just days away. Ten wooden frames have been installed around the land on the farm where Fieldwork is located - each articulating specific viewpoints on the rugged and varied terrain here. Ten intrepid writers will arrive on Friday to find their way to their particular 'sit-spots' where, faced with a frame, they will write for just under 2 days.

How does a frame provoke or inspire a writer's imagination? What is captured, suggested, illuminated, or exluded by such a framing device? How do each of the writers respond?

'Framework is one part residency, one part retreat, one part performance art, and one part wilderness lab: ten writers, framed (literally) by and in the landscape, and at the same time bringing to bear on the landscape their framing intelligence.'    (poet Amanda Jernigan on her experience of Framework 2015)

This proved to be an inrtiguing experiment last year (our first Framework weekend). Some incredible and sometimes surprising writing emerged and was shared with an appreciative audience. This coming weekend is our second edition of Framework: Words on the Land. We can't wait to see what evolves.

Join us as we wrap up this coming Framework weekend in the loft of our barn with readings of newly minted work by a wonderfully diverse group of writers.

With: Helen Humphreys, Monty Reid, Sandra Ridley, Pearl Pirie, Katherine Graham, Alissa York, Natale Ghent, Jonathan Kaplansky, John steffler and John K Grande.

Sunday, August 21 beginning at 3pm.

Where: 2501 Old Brooke Rd. (Between Perth and Maberly, just off of hwy 7).  Map

Tickets and Info: $20  through the Ottawa International Writers Festival: http://www.writersfestival.org/events/spring-2016/framework-words-on-the-land-2016

Contact: Susie Osler 613.268.2024

We are pleased to be partnering with the Ottawa International Writers Festival again this year in the presentation of Framework.

We are happy to have the support as well of the Canada Council for the Arts (through The Writers' Union of Canada & The Quebec Writers' Federation) and National Bank Financial


TheCanada Council for the Arts and the Roadmap for Canada's Official Languages 2013-2018 Education, Immigration, Communities

With financial assistance from The Canada Council for the Arts through The Writers' Union of Canada


susie osler - Aug 16, 2016
Fieldwork, Jolie Bird, What's Around Me, site specific installation

What’s Around Me is an exploratory art project. Primarily, it consists of a series of objects found while walking through Fieldwork and surrounding areas over a 5 day span. I began each day by reading preselected texts chosen specifically for this project. Afterwards, I walked with no particular destination in mind, only to search for and document content for the collection. Walking encourages a new way of seeing your surroundings.

“A walker does not skip over much, sees things close up, and makes herself vulnerable and accessible to people and places.”[1]

Objects such as rocks, branches, empty beer cans and liquor bottles were selected and wrapped in a thin golden thread. Once entombed in a new fibrous skin, they were returned outdoors and left to alter with exposure to changing weather or human and animal interaction.

Considering walking as an art form, the collection acts as an ambiguous form of documentation and requires the viewer to use their imagination. They are not solely presented as craft-based objects instead they act as markers representing an unseen act that has already taken place. Further documentation including photographs and the route of each walk, mapped with a GPS tracker, will be combined with chosen texts and presented as an art publication in the near future.

  - Jolie Bird

You can watch a beautiful video of Jolie's process here. (Video created by Orion Zuyderhoff Gray)

[1]Solnit, Rebecca. Wanderlust: A History of Walking. New York: Viking, 2000. Print. pg. 128




susie osler - Jul 2, 2016