2017 marks an exciting milestone for Fieldwork! We are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year with Soundwork - an exhibition of 6 new installations that incorporate sound. We hope you will journey out this season with friends and family to experience the diverse ways that artists think about, and use sound in their creative work at Fieldwork.


Soundwork: Opens Saturday, May 13. 2-5pm.

An afternoon of artists' talks, a tour, performances and workshops.


Mixed Metaphors (Jesse Stewart & Matt Edwards)

Hilary Martin & Ranjit Bhatnagar

Annette Hegel & Deborah Margo

Matt Rogalsky & Laura Cameron

Doug Van Nort

Nicola Oddy



2pm - Opening remarks. Artist introductions

2:30 - Singwalk (with Diana Smith for Nicola Oddy)

3:00 - Listening workshop (with Doug Van Nort)

3:30 - Castorimba Performance (with Gayle Young, Reinhard Reitzenstein)

4:00 - Performance of Erratic Grass (with Mixed Metaphors - Jesse Stewart and Matt Edwards)

4:30 - refreshments/wrap up


Explore art in nature along our field and forest trails. Fieldwork is open to the public all year long, free of charge. This exhibiton as well as many ongoing installations from previous years are yours to discover.


More information about this year's installations will be posted on the website and on our social media channels in the coming weeks so please follow us and share our pages with your friends.  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram



Fieldwork has been funded by the Ontario Arts Council since 2008.  We also rely on the generosity of our supporters. We appreciate donations of any size.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss donating.



Fieldwork  is open to the public daily, all year and free of charge.  Just park and walk.
Note: Please remember that it is a natural setting and there are bugs (including ticks).  Be sure to dress accordingly and cover up.
Directions to the project are

Since its inception in 2008, Fieldwork has been run by a team of artists (The Collective) that volunteer their time and energy to make Fieldwork a vibrant and dynamic destination for the creation and experience of site-specific artwork in and around a field in eastern Ontario, close to the towns of Perth and Maberly.

Fieldwork hosts work by local, national and international artists at various stages of their careers and invites the public to visit and explore the artwork all year long. 

The Collective looks after the site, co-ordinates and promotes projects, shares administrative duties and makes joint curatorial decisions. From time to time the Collective members also create their own Fieldwork installations.

The Fieldwork Collective welcomes proposals from interested artists and circulates a public call for proposals annually in January.  Suggestions and proposals for events or workshops are also welcomed from the local community, schools and arts organizations that are interested in fostering connections, dialogue and creative action between people, art, and nature. Please contact us at fieldworkproject@gmail.com

More information on current and past installations can be found by scrolling down this page and/or by looking in the archives in the right hand menu.  Be sure to also check out additional photos of the installations - found in the galleries located in the right hand menu.

susie osler - Mar 28, 2017
fieldwork, outhouse building, spring 2012
fieldwork, outhouse, spring 2012
fieldwork, outhouse, spring 2012

Mr. Golden Shoes, carpenter Cam Gray, spent many an hour this spring building this lovely outhouse which I encourage you to witness when you visit fieldwork!  He was joined by Heidi Earnshaw, skilled and talented woman that she is who generously offered her assistance to the project.  Thanks to you both for your contributions to making our site more welcoming and comfortable for our visitors!

susie osler - May 17, 2012
fieldwork, workparty, shed
fieldwork, workparty, shed building
fieldwork, work bee, shelter building, spring 2012

We've been busy this spring working on our entrance/welcome area at fieldwork. In May we had a workshop to create the beautiful fence that surrounds the parking area, then got the Collective, family and friends together to build a shelter made out of local cedar logs (from Peter Sargeant).  Thanks especially to Cam Gray (boss man), Glen Gray (moral support?), and Heidi Earnshaw for their skilled labour and patience!  It's GREAT to have a sheltered place now for people to relax and congregate when they visit.  No doubt we'll be using it at openings now.

susie osler - May 7, 2012

A time-lapse video of WOW removal from the Fieldwork site. Please excuse the slow start, the somewhat blurry focus (not recommended to watch in HD), the bug on the lens, the low quality video and the abrupt ending (we were not aware that the batteries were low on the camera, and it went into power save). But its a decent How-To of taking down your giant W. O. W. made of tarp and stuffed with hay that has been installed in a field all winter, should you ever come across this situation. Many thanks to everyone who works with Fieldwork and the take-down day: Susie, Richard, Chris, Erin, Jason, Chris, Cam, and Barb!!!

karina bergmans - May 2, 2012
fieldwork - ooh ah wow - karina bergmans
fieldwork - ooh ah wow - karina bergmans

April 29, 2012

We had a big workbee today at fieldwork.  Karina and Jason came to dismantle her installation 'Ooh, Ah, Wow' which created some rather interesting moments.  The picture above would make a great ad for Toyota! The hay used to stuff the letters last fall has been forked into a sort of stack at the end of the field and may be ceremoniously burned at a later date.  Another team - Cam, Richard, Chris and Susie worked at the other end of the field to establish the posts for a lean-to shelter that will hopefully be up for the May 26 opening.  The very beautiful cedar poles (from local farmer Peter Sargeant) were stripped (the diligence of Richard skrobecki amazed us) and were sunk into the ground.  The whole gang of us hoisted up the lower of the two beams before calling it a day.  Thanks goes out to Cam for his expertise and fine tuning.

susie osler - Apr 30, 2012
fieldwork winter 2011/12 - karina bergmans - ooh ah wow

(photo: K. Bergmans)

We've been really impressed that Karina's giant palindromes have come through the winter pretty much unscathed and are still adding a surprising, colourful, and humorous 'aside' to what would be an otherwise pretty normal dirt road drive on Old Brooke Rd.

If you haven't made it out to fieldwork to see the work, you better come out soon!  The work will be taken down April 29 to make room for the Spring/Summer installations being installed in May.

Jennifer Ryder Jones 'Scragends' and Dan Nuttall's 'Bewilderness' (in the pine forest behind the field) are also still up.

susie osler - Apr 2, 2012

I took a little trip out to the field on december 11. It was a gorgeous day and we arrived just in time for a sunset in the field. It is nice to see that the words are holding up. Only some fading of the flurescent colours.  Much of the stuffing is frozen at this point so I'm pretty certain they'll make it through the winter.  I've posted a number of photos of the project on flicker (which is also accessible through my web site: www.KaleidoscopeArt.com). 

Links to Flickr Galleries:

process of making words in the studio

installation in the field

the words in the field, the opening, repais and big bites

photos of visit to the field in december

It was the same day Susie Osler had a lovely open studio, so we sipped warm cider and I picked up some beautiful ceramic items. I'm planning a few more trips to field before the spring! Enjoy the winter!

karina bergmans - Dec 20, 2011