Uta Riccius - The Subdivision of FIELDWORK


Uta Riccius' installation Subdivision was created this spring with the help of students in the art program at CEGEP Heritage College in Gatineau.  It features several intriguing 'nests' made from extruded foam that are located in the trees close to the road.  Above are photos of her concept drawings and some of the finished pieces.  About her installation she writes:

I have created a subdivision, that transforms the fields and forests of FIELDWORK into a new potential development site. However, in this case the homes are temporary shelters for animal and insect species. Similar to what can be found on an actual subdivision site, I have provided different types of model homes for the critters to choose from: condo communities, cluster homes and row houses all of which are woven from extruded foam. I designed a map of the surrounding land, that is zoned into different areas, with fictitious streets and numbered property lots.

As humans, we dominate cities and, as we continue to sprawl outwards into the surrounding suburbs, less and less space for all other species remains available. Animals and insects are in constant competition with city dwellers trying to control and eradicate them. The natural migration patterns of species is not only affected by development, but also by climate change, as animals are having to adapt to the changing physical and environmental landscapes.

Many of my projects include some form of community involvement that encourages audience participation, thereby engaging the creative process, and  providing an opportunity to showcase the work within an exhibition context.

For this project, I invite you to complete the 'colonization' of subdivisions on the landscape by participating in the virtual subdivision of FIELDWORK by doing the following:

1.  Photograph one of the model home/nests of your choosing
2.  Select a lot number from the map of the FIELDWORK subdivision that corresponds to where you want to locate your model home
3.  Email me at oldbrookehomes@gmail.com with the desired site number in the subject line and the photograph included with a message
4.  Tell your friends about this opportunity and watch how the subdivision grows!

By clicking on the map icon in the bottom right hand corner of www.utariccius.com website a larger updated version of the Google earthmap of the subdivision will appear. Click on the flags located on the lots to see the photos sent by you- the participants!















This project  could not have been created without the help from the following students of the Visual Arts Program at CEGEP Heritage College in Quebec: Allison Beattie, Emanuelle Cotton-Dumouchel, Sarah Demers, Zoë Kirschner, Teia Lindfors, Samuel Gagnon, Jasmine Guest, Maxim Lamirande, Katie Léger, Gabriela Maguina, Curtis Marchand, Maia Moresoli, Simon Noël, Devin Adam Perry, Katrina Racicot, Juan Pablo Ramirez,Teferi Ramsay,Taylor Reid, Ana Melissa Sanchez Velis, Kimberly Saucier-Begin, Julianna Savard, Kayla Walcott and Jordan Wawatie. And thank you to the team who helped install the work on a cool June day a week before the opening: Samuel Gagnon, Jasmine Guest, Katie Léger, Teferi Ramsay and Ana Melissa Sanchez Velis.

Thank you to Steve too for the technical help.
Thank you toFIELDWORK for providing the trees and the exhibition space to showcase the work!

- Uta Riccius