(Re)Seed is re-invented and (Re)Seen at RIA, Ottawa - May 2014

susie osler - (re)seed (re)seen - 2014 - RIA project room - reseeded flower

Photo: Unfired ceramic flower from (Re)Seed/(Re)Seen installation at RIA Project Room (Ottawa). Visitor took flower from installation and placed it in a location that needed some life.


I was invited this winter to participate in an interesting group show curated by Petra Halkes at RIA's Project Room.  The show, called Never Forever, gathered together work by 6 artists that, as Halkes states,  '[spoke] with empathy of heroic human efforts to hold on to things, to create unchanging systems, to imagine an order that lasts forever.'

My contribution to Never Forever was a re-imagining of the ceramic installation (Re)Seed I presented at the 2011 New Art Festival in Ottawa (find it in the menu to the right for more info)

More on this latest iteration of the installation -  (Re)Seed/(Re)Seen - is here