Leah Decter - Castor Canadensis Provokas


The map above illustrates the terrain and the paths that artist Leah Decter made in her exploratory, extended 'performance' for the making of Castor Canadensis Provokas.  During one week in May, Leah stayed at FIELDWORK  familiarizing herself with the landscape, the beaver activity on the property, harvesting  beaver chewed stumps (with a hand saw and wheelbarrow) - remnants left from their colonization of the area - and finally incorporating them into her installation in the main field at FIELDWORK.

If you click on the related image/link in the sidebar to the right (or here) you will be directed to a more detailed, interactive map on her website.  Each blue dot on this map (when clicked on) reveals photos, sound clips and/or videoswhere you can explore the different points on the routes she took (the map lines) while working on her installation.  It provides a great sense of the sounds and sights of the terrain and the nature of her time spent at FIELDWORK.