Soundwork, our 2017 exhibition of 6 new installations, features an intriguing array of sonic responses to the landscape here at Fieldwork.  Nicola Oddy's offering Singwalk, encourages an exploration of vocal responses to particular points in the landscape.  A self-guided tour leads visitors through forest and field prompting different vocal expressions at 8 'singpoints' identified by signs displaying the logo pictured above. 

Experience your own unique vocal responses to the land and various installations by following the instructions at each stop along the Singwalk trail.  A brochure/map to help guide you to these 'Singpoints' can be found in the box in the parking area at Fieldwork.

In addition to the self guided trail, which is accessible to the public all year long, there will be three scheduled Singwalks this summer, guided by Nicola, where we will pay more attention on how it feels to sing in the environment with others. We will experience our relationship to each other by singing in a group in the context of the installation.  

The guided Singwalks at Fieldwork will take place on June 11, July 2 and Sept. 10 at 11a.m. for approximately one hour. Participants will be invited to experience the voice, and connect with the body, emotion and spirit through the voice in the wilderness setting. Sung material will be improvised with guidance from Nicola. Elements such as whether or not the group is large or small, if the group members are regular participants or there for a one-time experience will determine the type of experience each week. It will always be different because the dynamics of the group will change each time.

To register for any of the guided Singwalks please contact Nicola here.

And remember that spontaneous vocalizations at Fieldwork at any time are most welcome!