Inside Out

Bringing Inside Out with some illusions

Fieldwork,Bakerygroup,Marcin Padlewski, Anissa Szeto, Art, Architecture

Having recently worked on several large organic sculptures, we decided to revisit our roots in Architecture.  We chose to use a standard construction method as a tool to question circumstances surrounding perception so that hopefully visitors may experience land art through a twist in perspective. 

As always, we are advocates of physical making. Inside Out began as table top models and sketches long before the drawings were produced on the computer for the final construction.  Inside Out was materialized at our studio in Lanark Highlands.  It was then transported in six pieces via a 4X8 trailer to the Fieldwork site.  We had beautiful weather on the installation day.  Under the bright blue sky, the installation was a breeze with the help of our dear friend, Roy.   

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