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Framework - the MOVIE!

Fieldwork, Framework: Words on the Land 2016, Ottawa Writers Festival

We are so very pleased to now have this gem of a video documenting Framework: Words on the Land 2016. It is short and sweet and provides a window into the experience for the 9 writers who participated.

Featuring: Helen Humphreys, John Steffler, Alissa York, Sandra Ridley, Pearl Pirie, Jonathan Kaplansky, Monty Reid, John K Grande and Katherine Graham

Very very special thanks goes to the generous and talented Orion Zuyderhoff-Gray for making this exceptional bit of documentation for us.

Let us know what you think!

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What's in a Frame?

Fieldwork, Framework: Words on the Land, writing on the land

Fieldwork's second edition of Framework: Words on the Land is just days away. Ten wooden frames have been installed around the land on the farm where Fieldwork is located - each articulating specific viewpoints on the rugged and varied terrain here. Ten intrepid writers will arrive on Friday to find their way to their particular 'sit-spots' where, faced with a frame, they will write for just under 2 days.

How does a frame provoke or inspire a writer's imagination? What is captured, suggested, illuminated, or exluded by such a framing device? How do each of the writers respond?

'Framework is one part residency, one part retreat, one part performance art, and one part wilderness lab: ten writers, framed (literally) by and in the landscape, and at the same time bringing to bear on the landscape their framing intelligence.'    (poet Amanda Jernigan on her experience of Framework 2015)

This proved to be an inrtiguing experiment last year (our first Framework weekend). Some incredible and sometimes surprising writing emerged and was shared with an appreciative audience. This coming weekend is our second edition of Framework: Words on the Land. We can't wait to see what evolves.

Join us as we wrap up this coming Framework weekend in the loft of our barn with readings of newly minted work by a wonderfully diverse group of writers.

With: Helen Humphreys, Monty Reid, Sandra Ridley, Pearl Pirie, Katherine Graham, Alissa York, Natale Ghent, Jonathan Kaplansky, John steffler and John K Grande.

Sunday, August 21 beginning at 3pm.

Where: 2501 Old Brooke Rd. (Between Perth and Maberly, just off of hwy 7).  Map

Tickets and Info: $20  through the Ottawa International Writers Festival:

Contact: Susie Osler 613.268.2024

We are pleased to be partnering with the Ottawa International Writers Festival again this year in the presentation of Framework.

We are happy to have the support as well of the Canada Council for the Arts (through The Writers' Union of Canada & The Quebec Writers' Federation) and National Bank Financial


TheCanada Council for the Arts and the Roadmap for Canada's Official Languages 2013-2018 Education, Immigration, Communities

With financial assistance from The Canada Council for the Arts through The Writers' Union of Canada


Framework: Words on the Land. Public reading and conversation with 10 writers writing in-situ at Fieldwork. Sunday, August 23. 3 pm.

Fieldwork, Framework:Words on the Land, August 23

Fieldwork is excited to be partnering with the Ottawa International Writers Festival/Perth Chapter this year to present Framework: Words on the Land  - a writers weekend and public reading on August 23 at 3pm.

Writers:  Amanda West Lewis, Amanda Jernigan, Phil Hall, Michael Blouin, Matthew Holmes, Wayne Grady, Merilyn Simonds, Christine Pountney, Jeff Warren, Troy McClure

A growing collection of three dimensional artwork has been inhabiting the land at Fieldwork for the past 8 years.  This year we will also explore how the land can work on writers. For a weekend in August ten invited word-workers will be positioned in front of portals framing specific vantage points around Fieldwork from which words for stories, poems or other writing experiments will be invoked.  On Sunday afternoon (August 23) we are offering guests a window into their writing processes as writer-participants read from their creative output and discuss their experiences.

Words are ephemeral and elusive, like shadows of animals disappearing into the woods, until they are coaxed into phrases for the page or are committed to memory. But when a writer captures words to express an inspiration, insight or observation, words can become elegant and incisive tools with the ability to conjure new sensory experiences, perspectives and imaginative leaps in the minds of readers. The ten Framework writers were chosen, in part due to their broad swath of writing styles (poetry, prose, fiction and more) and thematic interests (from nature writing, to explorations of consciousness).  Please be sure to click on their names to learn more about them. We are pretty stoked that they are keen to participate in this weekend of land-inspired creative action at Fieldwork.

We hope that Framework will illuminate, for writers and listeners alike, our nuanced and varied relationships with, approaches to, and experiences of/in nature.  These are the common threads that are woven through all of Fieldwork's activities. Whatever emerges from this weekend experiment promises to be, at minimum, imaginative, fresh and full of sponteneity. 

Join us Sunday afternoon, August 23 at 3pm in the intimate and welcoming space of the barn loft across the road from Fieldwork (15 minutes west of Perth, ON) for readings and discussion with the writers at Framework.

Tickets will be sold only online through the Ottawa International Writers Festival website at at Note that space in the loft is limited so it is advised that you purchase tickets early to avoid disappointment.  We will be selling tickets at the door only if there are some remaining on the day of the event.

Interested in knowing more about the participants? Over the weeks preceding Framework we are featuring a writer each week in our 'Sneak Peaks' on  Facebook and Twitter.  Have a look.

As always we encourage you to pass this on to friends who may be also be interested by using the social sharing buttons below. Thank you all for helping us spread the word!

We look forward to sharing Framework with you!

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