Winter Wonderland at Fieldwork

fieldwork, joan scaglione, ribs of sky ribs of stone, 2012
fieldwork, barbara meneley, landmarks, winter 2012
fieldwork, susie osler, part lot 18 concession 6, timber frame barn
fieldwork, alicia marvan, winter 2012

We got a beautiful deep coating of snow over the Christmas holidays, some of which has stuck around for a while despite temperature fluctuations swinging well above zero.  The field and forest beyond is always interesting to explore in winter on foot, snowshoes, or skis.  It's great to see lots of tracks out there - evidence of visitations!

Saying goodby to Ooh Ah Wow

fieldwork - ooh ah wow - karina bergmans
fieldwork - ooh ah wow - karina bergmans

April 29, 2012

We had a big workbee today at fieldwork.  Karina and Jason came to dismantle her installation 'Ooh, Ah, Wow' which created some rather interesting moments.  The picture above would make a great ad for Toyota! The hay used to stuff the letters last fall has been forked into a sort of stack at the end of the field and may be ceremoniously burned at a later date.  Another team - Cam, Richard, Chris and Susie worked at the other end of the field to establish the posts for a lean-to shelter that will hopefully be up for the May 26 opening.  The very beautiful cedar poles (from local farmer Peter Sargeant) were stripped (the diligence of Richard skrobecki amazed us) and were sunk into the ground.  The whole gang of us hoisted up the lower of the two beams before calling it a day.  Thanks goes out to Cam for his expertise and fine tuning.

HOO, HA Still Going Strong

fieldwork winter 2011/12 - karina bergmans - ooh ah wow

(photo: K. Bergmans)

We've been really impressed that Karina's giant palindromes have come through the winter pretty much unscathed and are still adding a surprising, colourful, and humorous 'aside' to what would be an otherwise pretty normal dirt road drive on Old Brooke Rd.

If you haven't made it out to fieldwork to see the work, you better come out soon!  The work will be taken down April 29 to make room for the Spring/Summer installations being installed in May.

Jennifer Ryder Jones 'Scragends' and Dan Nuttall's 'Bewilderness' (in the pine forest behind the field) are also still up.

December in the Field

I took a little trip out to the field on december 11. It was a gorgeous day and we arrived just in time for a sunset in the field. It is nice to see that the words are holding up. Only some fading of the flurescent colours.  Much of the stuffing is frozen at this point so I'm pretty certain they'll make it through the winter.  I've posted a number of photos of the project on flicker (which is also accessible through my web site: 

Links to Flickr Galleries:

process of making words in the studio

installation in the field

the words in the field, the opening, repais and big bites

photos of visit to the field in december

It was the same day Susie Osler had a lovely open studio, so we sipped warm cider and I picked up some beautiful ceramic items. I'm planning a few more trips to field before the spring! Enjoy the winter!

Sewing AH HA

Fieldwork, Karina Bergmans, OOH AH WOW

Sewing W

Fieldwork, Karina Bergmans, OOH AH WOW

W in the studio

Fieldwork, Karina Bergmans, OOH AH WOW

OOH in progress

Fieldwork, Karina Bergmans, OOH AH WOW

Winter Spin Around fieldwork

fieldwork, land art

Took a quick tour on skis around fieldwork a couple of days ago and here's what things are looking like (click here to watch a short video).  Winter is a great time to come out with snowshoes or skis! 

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