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(Re)Seed is re-invented and (Re)Seen at RIA, Ottawa - May 2014

susie osler - (re)seed (re)seen - 2014 - RIA project room - reseeded flower

Photo: Unfired ceramic flower from (Re)Seed/(Re)Seen installation at RIA Project Room (Ottawa). Visitor took flower from installation and placed it in a location that needed some life.


I was invited this winter to participate in an interesting group show curated by Petra Halkes at RIA's Project Room.  The show, called Never Forever, gathered together work by 6 artists that, as Halkes states,  '[spoke] with empathy of heroic human efforts to hold on to things, to create unchanging systems, to imagine an order that lasts forever.'

My contribution to Never Forever was a re-imagining of the ceramic installation (Re)Seed I presented at the 2011 New Art Festival in Ottawa (find it in the menu to the right for more info)

More on this latest iteration of the installation -  (Re)Seed/(Re)Seen - is here

Great Documentation of the Timber Frame raising in May - the beginning of Part Lot 18 Concession 6

A great day was documented by neighbour, friend, and videographer Steev Morgan back in May. 

Sound was created by my friend Benjamin Hesse who lives in Boulder, CO.  We started at about 10 am and finished by about 2:30 thanks to the enthusiastic support of many friends who came out to help raise the frame.  See the link in the right menu for Part Lot 18, Concession 6 for more information about this installation.

More from Part Lot 18, Concession 6

fieldwork- part lot 18 - susie osler 2012

Photo credit: Samantha Parton

Some recent updates about Part Lot 18, Concession 6 can be found here

New work to explore at Fieldwork

fieldwork- land art-meneley, osler, pendl
fieldwork- part lot 18 - susie osler 2012
fieldwork - barbara Meneley - landmarks

A few images of the latest installations at fieldwork.  Top image shows part of all three - Red nesting boxes are part of Sylvia Pendl's Old Brooke Rd. Old Field, the hanging birch pieces made from birchbark are part of Barbara Meneley's Landmarks, and the timber frame barn structure is Susie Osler's Part Lot 18, Concession 6 and will continue to accumulate and explore the history of the site in the months to come.

The opening a couple of weeks ago was a wonderful day that included the raising of the timber frame (with the participation of many wonderful hands), and the celebration of some wonderful new installations that explore the nature, feeling, and history of this place.

More photos and descriptions will be coming in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!  And please come and visit!

Lots of New (Re)Seed Photos

fieldwork, (Re)Seed, Susie Osler

Lots of flowers that were 'dispersed' from the (Re)Seed installation (by Susie Osler) at the New Art Festival (Ottawa) have been re-seeded and photos have been coming in.  You can check them all out with descriptions of where they have been put by going to the (Re)Seed Photo Gallery.  New photos will continue to be added as they trickle in so check in every now and again!  And big THANKS  to those who have participated so far!


fieldwork-susie osler-(Re)Seed

fieldwork had a great time at The New Art Festival in Ottawa last weekend and wow, thanks everyone for your participation!  Approximately 1600 flowers were 'picked' by visitors to the festival from the installation, to be 're-seeded'  in places needing some life, beauty, nature and/or spirit - offerings by you (participants) out to the world.  The photos have begun to roll in - WONDERFUL- and I will be posting them and any comments weekly in the (Re)Seed Gallery, along with my reflections on the project in the (Re)Seed Blog

In Town and Out

CBC radio interview with fieldwork

In case you were STILL ASLEEP last Saturday morning and missed CBC Radio's Michael Bhardwaj's interview with Erin and me (Susie), here is the link to have a listen  click here.  Thanks Michael for your fieldwork!

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