fence workshop may 2012

fieldwork, scott dobson, sheep fence workshop
fieldwork, scott dobson, sheep fence workshop
fieldwork, scott dobson, sheep fence workshop
fieldwork, scott dobson, sheep fence

Fencebuilding Workshop with Scott Dobson at Fieldwork. May 2012

fieldwork, scott dobson, sheep fence, workshop

At the beginning of May (2012) fieldwork  organized and hosted a workshop with local fencebuilder Scott Dobson.  Scott, a master in heritage fence-building (as well as creative rail sculptures) has been building gorgeous fences across Ontario for years.  He gave us a good day's worth of guidance while we built the sheep fence that now surrounds the parking area at fieldwork.  The day began with a talk from Eugene Fytch (pictured below) who has been studying the history of  Lanark county fences for many decades (and also has several books on the subject). It was a great day and what an addition to the site!  Many thanks to all the (18) participants - young and old - who came to help out and learn some solid fencing techniques.

Scenes from the September 11 workshop with CNCAC (Coalition for New Canadians in Arts and Culture)

We had a great day way back in September with a gang of folks from Ottawa - CNCAC members - and some arts enthusiasts and artists from Kingston, and the fieldwork  neighbourhood.  Three groups were formed and spent several hours creating installations in the woods behind the main field at fieldwork.  The theme for the sculptures was 'Rooting Through Creation', and all material was found on-site.

The G40 Wheels to the Fields Tour and Workshop

fieldwork, CNCAC, Hamid Ayoub
fieldwork, CNCAC, G40, Wheels to the Fields
fieldwork, CNCAC, G40, Wheels to the Fields

In partnership with the Ottawa-based, Coalition of New Canadians for Arts and Culture (CNCAC), fieldwork was thrilled to host a very special day of creativity and fun on Saturday, June 26th.

Billed as Canada’s G40 Wheels to the Fields Tour, with reference to the global events occurring in Toronto that week, a bus full of artists from around the world ventured out from Ottawa to the fieldwork site.  The idea for the event was to create opportunities for a diverse group of Ottawa-based artists to get out to rural Eastern Ontario, to explore the summer fieldwork installations (see other blog descriptions below), to network amongst each other and share stories and skills, and to create some art in a collaborative way. Musicians, photographers, dancers and visual artists participated.

On what promised to be a very soggy forecast, the 30 artists that boarded the bus for the activities were not disheartened. Guitars, maracas, drums and voices in hand, the group sang and danced despite the intermittent showers. Visual artists, Chikonzero Chazunguza and Hamid Ayoub led the group in a collective painting exercise. Canvases and rain don’t mix well, so a little shelter was erected under some canopy tents and tarps and the painting began. What a great activity! Some wonderfully fun and evocative canvases burst into colour and shape. Some used found plant bits and fastened them to the canvas, some used badges from the Badges for Brooke Valley installation and integrated them in the work. 

It was an inspirational day and a testament to the good-nature and positive spirit of artists who were determined to have fun, despite the wet weather.  As the weather improved, participants enjoyed walking through the forest, exploring the Canadian landscape and hearing from Susie Osler about her studio-based, ceramic art process.

fieldwork is encouraged by this pilot event to create opportunities for New Canadians to explore the site. With an overwhelmingly positive evaluation from participants of the Wheels to the Fields event, we are hoping to continue this partnership with CNCAC in the future.

Thank you to Chikonzero Chazunguza, Hamid Ayoub, Marcia Mathoo, JP Melville, Julie Hodgson, Susie Osler, Cam Gray, and the friendly staff support from the Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization (OCISO) and volunteers with the CNCAC. Thank you to photographer, Bill Shugar, for his wonderful photographs documenting the day!

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