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Some Thoughts About Creature Trail - An Installation by Stefan Thompson (Autumn 2012)

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Early Morning:  This picture (above) was taken the morning before i put on the finishing touches.  Its definitely deer like, but also kind of looks part dinosaur.

I arrived at fieldwork about 9 days before the opening.  I wanted to create a trail through the woods on which viewers could find hidden creatures.  So i named the installation creature path. I made markers to help visitors find their way to each of the creatures.  It was a great challenge and I learned a lot.  Around the third day I remember walking barefoot to the swamp to collect willow branches in the middle of an amazing torrential downpour.  You know, the kind of storms that just soak you and the rain moves around in waves.  When you were a kid you probably ran outside in your underwear in these.  It was September, but still fairly warm out.  

The sculptures and drawings of the creature path were made on site but I did prepare some of my materials in advance.  This is a picture of the wool i used, drying between trees at my studio in Rupert QC. Theres a lake there so i brought the wool out to a raft in the canoe.  It was surprising to see how easily the oils washed out of the fiber with a little soap and lake water.  I tried felting the wool after arriving at fieldwork but I wasn't really prepared or experienced with the procedure.  I ended up wrapping it around the wood frame of my 'deer like' sculpture. You can also see rawhide and buckskin, some of the material i used to tie the wool in place around the underlying frame.  The coloring is made from charcoal mixed with beeswax.  Its all natural so it can decay on sight when its ready.  I expect a lot of birds in the area will be lining their nests with wool this spring.  And someone will likely get a meal from it at some point.

Hiders: The First things I made when I came to fieldwork where some drawings on birch trees (using a homemade crayon).  I ended up working on a fair number of creatures by the time I finished.  Some obvious, others  harder to find.  Here is an example of one that I think could easily go unnoticed by viewers.

Many thanks to the fieldwork team for having me and especially Susie for helping me through the process and generously housing me at her farm.














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