Pointing North - Tripod by the RSSY collective

Fieldwork, Reitzenstein, Smith, Smith and Young (RSSY), 2016, Tripod

Jerrard and Diana Smith, Reinhard Reitzenstein and Gayle Young (aka RSSY Collective) worked together this year on a collaborative installation, Tripod. The installation, which dominates the field, consists of an oversized theodolite on a tripod, a map, and a surveyors grade rod. All pointing North and in line with a lovely mature white pine at the field edge. Will it too succumb to the settler's axe?

'We found our brainstorming sessions focussed on the 200th anniversary events in Perth and area. We thought about how the land was perceived at that time by incoming colonizers and how they divided the landscape into grids by surveying. This prompted our decision to create surveying instruments and a map. From the beginning we wanted to respond to the scale of the site with height and the tripod structure allowed for that, with its monumentality suggesting an unstoppable force (war of the worlds?) marching across the landscape. The map is an accurate representation of the waterways in the area and the grade rod is to reinforce the idea of measurement and scale. The axe (plumb bob) is a reference to the land-clearing.

We obtained some long straight cedar poles (thanks Torch and Wayne) which we stripped and joined into tripod legs that provided the desired elevation. Reinhardt created the metal theodolite head in his Grimsby studio. The map was created using a grid of concrete reinforcing steel suspended between cedar poles and using denim strips woven into the grid to represent the waterways.'

  - RSSY Collective



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