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Old Brooke Road Old Field: An Incomplete Field Guide & Self-guided Tour

fieldwork, sylvia pendl, old brooke road old field: an incomplete field guide
fieldwork, sylvia pendl, old brooke road old field: an incomplete field guide


How we perceive our places and landscape, including place names, informs how we perceive ourselves as a culture and what we value. What appears to be an undifferentiated old agricultural field, sitting quietly on Old Brooke Road in Maberley, Ontario, is a precise arrangement of named plants, animals and relationships. The self-guided Field Tour  (via interpretive nesting boxes) will guide visitors to corresponding experiences about the inter-relatedness and importance of this field to the world beyond the field. The Old Brooke Field becomes activated through this intervention by being a centre point that radiates out to the larger region, not a boundary but to other centers and connections, coming back and going out again. 

Lots of New (Re)Seed Photos

fieldwork, (Re)Seed, Susie Osler

Lots of flowers that were 'dispersed' from the (Re)Seed installation (by Susie Osler) at the New Art Festival (Ottawa) have been re-seeded and photos have been coming in.  You can check them all out with descriptions of where they have been put by going to the (Re)Seed Photo Gallery.  New photos will continue to be added as they trickle in so check in every now and again!  And big THANKS  to those who have participated so far!


fieldwork-susie osler-(Re)Seed

fieldwork had a great time at The New Art Festival in Ottawa last weekend and wow, thanks everyone for your participation!  Approximately 1600 flowers were 'picked' by visitors to the festival from the installation, to be 're-seeded'  in places needing some life, beauty, nature and/or spirit - offerings by you (participants) out to the world.  The photos have begun to roll in - WONDERFUL- and I will be posting them and any comments weekly in the (Re)Seed Gallery, along with my reflections on the project in the (Re)Seed Blog

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