Midsummer Opening of New Work by Alicia Marvan

When: Friday, July 27.  6 - 7:30pm
Where: fieldwork - click on the menu item to the right that says 'location' for directions

Cost:  Free.

The fieldwork Collective invites you to come out to see our recent installations, and new work by Alicia Marvan (Mexico).
Alicia has been a visiting artist at fieldwork for the last few weeks, during which time she has been experimenting with materials and building her work in response to the site.  We hope you can visit, meet her, and interact with the creative results of her time here!

Continuing works by Barbara Meneley, Sylvia Pendl, Susie Osler, Dan Nuttall, Kelly Price and Scott Dobson.
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Artist's Statement - Alicia Marvan

Inspired by pine trees, one of Ontario’s most abundant endemic species, as well as fieldwork’s hosts and their crafts (ceramist Susie Osler and carpenter Cam Gray), Alicia Marvan’s new works incorporate fashion and performance art into site-specific wearable sculptures. The relationship of the artworks to the human body is not only symbolic, but tangible and experiential, inviting the viewer to become participant.

“In both nature conservation and nature-inspired art, human presence is often excluded or kept to its minimum, as if implying we are not part of nature, or we are a threat to it. In my works, I purposely design with and for the human body and psyche. I then place the works in natural environments because that’s where they belong in my imagination; they are meant to exist in close relationship with nature. I think of them as a reminder that we humans cannot live without air, water, soil, and biodiversity.”

Alicia Marván (Mexico) is an artist, designer and curator dedicated to contemporary and experimental practices. Her interdisciplinary approach to art has led her to an ongoing investigation of a variety of media that explores color, space, form, movement, time and thought. Her work has received support from numerous cultural organizations and academic institutions in Mexico, USA, Canada, Germany and The Netherlands. She holds a B.A. in Dance and Performance from the State University of New York, and directs the Guapamacátaro Center for Art and Ecology in Michoacán, Mexico.

About fieldwork:

fieldwork began in the summer of 2008 with installations by the fieldwork Collective (Chris Osler, Chris Grosset, Erin Robertson, and Susie Osler).  Now in our 5th year (2012), we are happy to welcome a 5th member, Barbara Meneley, to our Collective. We are looking forward to marking this year, our 5th anniversary, with a couple of celebrations so keep checking in to see what we are planning.

Our intent is to present imaginative, thought-provoking, art installations in a field in rural eastern Ontario.  fieldwork  has hosted work by local and international artists for the past five years, and invites the public to visit the field site and explore the artwork year-round.  Admission is free. 
More information on past installations can be found by scrolling down this page and/or by looking in the archives and galleries in the right hand menu.  Directions to the site can be found

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For information on the first three installations at fieldwork (Summer 2008, Autumn 2008, Winter 2008/09)  visit our old blog.

fieldwork gratefully acknowledges the continued support of the Ontario Arts Council, as well as all of our friends, volunteers, and especially our artists and visitors!

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