Erin Robertson's Ephemeroptera 2013






















Mayflies are fitting symbol for spring. The adult's sole purpose in life is to mate - talk about "spring fever"!  Their mouths are sealed shut when they emerge from their water-born naiad to adulthood phase - during which all energy is expended in their one-day flying orgy!  The delicate  beauty they exhibit in this stage is as short lived as it is exquisite.

I chose to create their form in recycled panel board for my Spring installation Ephemeroptera at FIELDWORK this year. This installation consists of fake wood panel boards transformed into mayflies which hang in their final metamorphoses on a tree on a knoll behind the field. To the left is a rocking chair made of astroturf plugged into a nearby tree, providing FIELDWORK visitors a naturally powered and comfortable view through the trees to the wetlands below. Manufactured nature in a natural setting is a tricky contrast and on close inspection reveals much.
Carpe Diem!

- Erin Robertson

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