knitted art

Emotional Mending

When I visited fieldwork in spring 2010, I fell in love with it and the idea it represents. fieldwork shows us that you can find art unexpectedly in unusual places. The element of surprise at this location gives artwork a completely different context than when one finds it in a gallery space. 
In thinking about my work for fieldwork I imagined the quiet, mysterious, pine forest as a perfect background for my work. I decided that my work should address two simple things: mending and grafting trees.For me sculpture is a process of thinking and ideas which first evolve on paper and later in form.  After a year of thinking, drawing and knitting, the work for this location was ready to install. The artificial knitted branches will be up for half of the year; silent witnesses of season changes. During most of this time, the branches will stand out awkwardly from the trees, looking like tree prosthesis or grafted branches.  They will show visitors the way out, the way in, or give them the freedom to be lost in the absolute silence of a pine forest.

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