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Emotional Mending

When I visited fieldwork in spring 2010, I fell in love with it and the idea it represents. fieldwork shows us that you can find art unexpectedly in unusual places. The element of surprise at this location gives artwork a completely different context than when one finds it in a gallery space. 
In thinking about my work for fieldwork I imagined the quiet, mysterious, pine forest as a perfect background for my work. I decided that my work should address two simple things: mending and grafting trees.For me sculpture is a process of thinking and ideas which first evolve on paper and later in form.  After a year of thinking, drawing and knitting, the work for this location was ready to install. The artificial knitted branches will be up for half of the year; silent witnesses of season changes. During most of this time, the branches will stand out awkwardly from the trees, looking like tree prosthesis or grafted branches.  They will show visitors the way out, the way in, or give them the freedom to be lost in the absolute silence of a pine forest.

Upcoming Event

fieldwork-karina bergmans-ooh, ah, wow

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Photo: Karina Bergmans

Playing with words and exploring belonging: new projects at fieldwork, fall 2011

In partnership with the Ottawa-based, Coalition of New Canadians for Arts and Culture (CNCAC) as well as textile artist, Karina Bergmans, fieldwork is thrilled to host a very special day of creativity and fun on Sunday, September 11th, 2011. This is a free, public event and fieldwork welcomes your attendance and participation!

Following last year’s successful G40 Wheels to the Fields Tour, fieldwork has partnered with the CNCAC again. On September 11th, creative artists from around the world, who are now living in the Ottawa area, will come together to create a collective sculptural piece at fieldwork, a rural outdoor art space near Maberly, just west of Perth, Ontario.  The inspiration for the partnership between fieldwork  and the CNCAC has been to create opportunities for a diverse group of Ottawa-based artists to travel to rural Ontario, to explore the fall fieldwork installations, to network amongst each other, to share stories and skills, and to create sculpture.

Maria Gomez Umana, CNCAC Operations, Partners, and Members Director, describes the participatory work, Rooting through Creation, as “a day of collective creation in our search for identity as New Canadians. Led by Zimbabwean artist, Chikonzero Chazunguza, the group will construct several collective sculptures with all natural materials. The making of the sculptures will symbolize the individual and group process we go through as migrants who are working on rooting and thus become part of this land”. The finished pieces of art will remain on the fieldwork site as a record of the artistic experience.

Following the CNCAC’s Rooting Through Creation, (11:00am to 1:00pm) the group will have a pot-luck lunch. Bring your lunch and any natural materials you would like to contribute with for the sculpture. The event will be documented with photos and a short video which will be posted on the CNCAC website.

After lunch, fieldwork is pleased to host the opening of a new fall 2011 installation, OOH, AH, WOW by Karina Bergmans.  As Bergmans explains, “As a multi-disciplinary artist, I work in the mediums of fiber art, sculpture, and installation. I collaborate with the community through performance art and public craft projects. I thrive on redirecting the original purpose of material and recontextualizing it through a conceptual idea. Themes in my work are based on our collective experiences of language, communication, text and word play”.

The sculptures that Bergmans has created for fieldwork have challenged her to create work with hay and tarp materials, and in large scale, for an outdoor fall/winter season installation. In selecting words for this exhibition, Bergmans says,”I considered the palindrome (a word that can be spelled backwards and forwards i.e.: racecar), but I also looked at letters that can be flipped vertically and be the same letter i.e.: U, T, A, O, W, H, M, X, Y, V, because the work will be viewed from front and back. Influenced by graffitti style font and lettering, I chose the words OOH, AH, and WOW because they illicit excitement and isolate the graffiti tagging aesthetic to a bucolic environment”.

Karina Bergmans’ will present a brief discussion of her work followed by the opening from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.

Hope to see you out in the field!

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