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Jolie Bird on walking and the making of 'What's Around Me'

Fieldwork, Jolie Bird, What's Around Me, site specific installation

What’s Around Me is an exploratory art project. Primarily, it consists of a series of objects found while walking through Fieldwork and surrounding areas over a 5 day span. I began each day by reading preselected texts chosen specifically for this project. Afterwards, I walked with no particular destination in mind, only to search for and document content for the collection. Walking encourages a new way of seeing your surroundings.

“A walker does not skip over much, sees things close up, and makes herself vulnerable and accessible to people and places.”[1]

Objects such as rocks, branches, empty beer cans and liquor bottles were selected and wrapped in a thin golden thread. Once entombed in a new fibrous skin, they were returned outdoors and left to alter with exposure to changing weather or human and animal interaction.

Considering walking as an art form, the collection acts as an ambiguous form of documentation and requires the viewer to use their imagination. They are not solely presented as craft-based objects instead they act as markers representing an unseen act that has already taken place. Further documentation including photographs and the route of each walk, mapped with a GPS tracker, will be combined with chosen texts and presented as an art publication in the near future.

  - Jolie Bird

You can watch a beautiful video of Jolie's process here. (Video created by Orion Zuyderhoff Gray)

[1]Solnit, Rebecca. Wanderlust: A History of Walking. New York: Viking, 2000. Print. pg. 128




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