Storywork: Telling Tales Rooted in the Land - coming September 24.

storywork: telling tales rooted in the land at fieldwork, 2016,


Fieldwork is delighted to be partnering with 2wp and the Ottawa International Writers Festival in presenting an afternoon performance of storytelling Saturday, September 24. 2-4 pm.

With: Marie Bilodeau, Katherine Grier, Daniel Kletke, and Marta Singh. Curated by Jennifer Cayley (2wp)

Four of our region's finest storytellers journeyed into the very particular natural and creative landscapes at Fieldwork this summer. Inspired by their experiences and by an abiding love for the old stories, these Tellers will bring a vivid performance of telling tales to the loft at Fieldwork.

Storywork: Telling Tales Rooted in the Land will offer audience members a rich and memorable experience of some of our ancient, yet oh-so-contemporary narrative gems.

For keen listeners aged 12 and up.

Tickets: $20 through the Ottawa Writers Festival HERE

Location: The barn loft at Fieldwork - 2501 Old Brooke Rd. 15 minutes west of Perth. Map HERE



If you don’t know the trees you may be lost in the forest,
but if you don’t know the stories you may be lost in life
                                                                                                  (Siberian elder)
How long is it since someone told you not just a good story but a great story, filled with adventures, transformations, compelling journeys and valiant people facing life’s challenges with perseverance and imagination? For most adults the answer to this question is: not for a very long time. Now is your chance to change that. Fieldwork and 2 women production (2wp) are offering you a unique opportunity to re-discover the very particular experience of listening to some of the all time great tales from traditional oral literature. Storywork: Telling Tales Rooted in the Land will be taking place on Sept 24, 2-4pm with support from the Ottawa International Writer’s Festival (OIWF), the Ontario Arts Council and National Bank Financial.
2 women productions (2wp) is dedicated to high quality adult storytelling performances for audiences in Eastern Ontario. People may remember 2wp’s annual series of three productions that toured the area several years ago. Fieldwork, has presented exhibitions and events related to its rural landscape for 9 years; bringing contemporary art to the rural landscape near Perth with an annual exhibition of site-specific art installations; hosting a writers' weekend and public reading (Framework: Words on the Land); and now (new this year) hosting this Storytelling event.
A shared interest in landscape and its place in the development of both visual arts and storytelling resulted in this year's partnership between 2wp and Fieldwork. Jennifer Cayley (curator, 2wp) has assembled four skilled professional tellers- each with a reverence for traditional stories. Marie Bilodeau, Daniel Kletke Katherine Grier and Marta Singh are four revered professional storytellers who will  breathe life into some grand old tales that explore connections to history and the landscape that we live in.

Listeners will be carried back to a time when folk and fairy tales were integral to the fabric of cultural life. They will be reminded that though these stories are increasingly sidelined and forgotten in the bustle of the contemporary world, they are deeply engaging and filled with insight, challenge and delight. 
Storywork:Telling Tales Rooted in the Land will be held in the intimate loft of Fieldwork's old barn near Perth. Opportunities to experience the quiet strength and enchantment of folk and fairy tale are indeed, few and far between. Space is limited so do consider purchasing your tickets early. It's an event not to be missed!

Fieldwork and 2wp acknowledge the generous support from the Ontario Arts Council and National Bank Financial which has helped to make this event possible.
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