June 2014

The Knot

Fieldwork 2014 - Geoff Wonnacott - The Knot
Fieldwork 2014 - Geoff Wonnacott - The Knot
Fieldwork 2014 - Geoff Wonnacott - The Knot

A couple of shots of The Knot being 'tied'.  Geoff Wonnacott (artist) and his sister Victoria Wonnacott spent a few days weaving together many, many yards of plastic drainage tile.  Typically this is used in agricultural fields - buried underground to help drain heavy soils that are slow to drain.  According to The Summary of Agricultural Drainage Tubing Sales in Ontario, 1976 - 2012, enough pipe was sold (and assumed buried/used) that could circle the earth at the equator 30 times. This is equivalent to about 750,000 miles or 1,200,000 Km.  Or, to put it another way, this is enough tube to go to the moon and back and then to the moon again. That's a lot of plastic pipe!

The Knot alludes to the complexity of the systems we now rely on in our 'global' culture and the impossibility of untangling or extricating ourselves from it/them.  Now sitting on a knoll overlooking the field, Wonnacott's Knot is a looming reminder, lurking in the background, of the 'intractable problems' we are currently facing on a global scale.

Time Spent with Wood in the Woods

fieldwork 2014 - zone vert - le temps des arbres

We arrived at Fieldwork via Old Brooke Road, an attractive winding country road full of traces of human history and a diversity of flora and fauna.

The site itself offers artists the choice between a beautiful field, a cultivated pine forest or a wild forest. During our week long residence at Fieldwork, we were able to complete the work we had envisioned. A work that we incorporated into  forest and ecosystem of this region. “Le temps de l’arbre” is an installation incorporating many different materials, the milieu provided both a form as well as a variety of natural resources and colours. The rich landscape enabled us to integrate different mementos of tree history (might be “the history of trees”) into human life.

The warm welcome - Susie your salads and vegetables satiated our taste buds and stomachs as much as the forest inspired our creation. The technical assistance of Susie and her team contributed to the pleasurable experience of participating and creating at Fieldwork.
Fieldwork is a rural art space, a rare and precious place that makes us appreciate art and creation in its essence, far from the urban frenzy and draw of technology.
We hope that this space continues to flourish and that more art lovers will discover it.

- Zone Vert (Christine Juillard and Michel Bachelet)