May 2013

FIELDWORK 2013 Opening - Five Fresh Offerings

The grass is getting greener at FIELDWORK these daysBuds are bursting. The ground has softened, and all sorts of birds are migrating back to the field, scouting about for some new digs after their long winter sojourns south.  Soon they will also be watching with curiosity as 5 new artists migrate to the site from various parts of Canada to spend time exploring, observing, creating and installing work in preparation for the opening of the FIELDWORK 2013 season.
On Saturday, May 18 from 2-4pm you are invited to join in the spring revelry at the opening of FIELDWORK’s 6th season of presenting imaginative art in and around a road-side field.  Meet the artists and hear what they have to say about their creative process during a brief introduction to their work at 2:30pm.

The artists presenting work at FIELDWORK are a diverse lot.  Winnipeg based inter-media artist Leah Decter will spend a week at FIELDWORK investigating the relationships between beaver and human settlements and processes of (de)colonising.  Decter's work at FIELDWORK is the third in her ongoing series, Castor Canadensis.

Saskatchewan’s Laura Hale will fly in to spend 10 days using materials found on site to create one of her ephemeral environmental landworks.  Hale reflects on and responds to the environment she is in, building her work in situ.  It will be interesting to see how the FIELDWORK site inspires her.

For those ‘robins’ amongst us with ears to the ground, you’ll want to check out Lanark County resident Sheila Macdonald’s interactive ‘eardrum’.  Intended as part auditorium and part messaging system to the underground it invites us all to consider the sonic culture of the soil – and to have a bit of fun!

For the creatures looking to move up in the world, Uta Riccius’ suburban nests may be the dream homes they are looking for.  Her foam ‘mobile homes’ comment on the suburban sprawl, packaged houses, and the artificial perception of choice she witnesses on her home turf of Ottawa. 

FIELDWORK Collective member, Erin Robertson (Wakefield) will also be stretching her creative wings in the 5th new spot on the site.  Work by several previous FIELDWORK artists will also continue through this season.  There will be much to explore!

FIELDWORK is free and open to the public all the time throughout the year. For more information about the project visit, or Facebook:  Fieldwork – Land.Art.Exploration

The FIELDWORK Collective extends heartfelt gratitude to the Ontario Arts Council for supporting the project’s 6th year.