May 2012

WOW Removal at Fieldwork

A time-lapse video of WOW removal from the Fieldwork site. Please excuse the slow start, the somewhat blurry focus (not recommended to watch in HD), the bug on the lens, the low quality video and the abrupt ending (we were not aware that the batteries were low on the camera, and it went into power save). But its a decent How-To of taking down your giant W. O. W. made of tarp and stuffed with hay that has been installed in a field all winter, should you ever come across this situation. Many thanks to everyone who works with Fieldwork and the take-down day: Susie, Richard, Chris, Erin, Jason, Chris, Cam, and Barb!!!

Fabulous Spring Workparty - Lean-to shelter in the works!

fieldwork, workparty, shed
fieldwork, workparty, shed building
fieldwork, work bee, shelter building, spring 2012

We've been busy this spring working on our entrance/welcome area at fieldwork. In May we had a workshop to create the beautiful fence that surrounds the parking area, then got the Collective, family and friends together to build a shelter made out of local cedar logs (from Peter Sargeant).  Thanks especially to Cam Gray (boss man), Glen Gray (moral support?), and Heidi Earnshaw for their skilled labour and patience!  It's GREAT to have a sheltered place now for people to relax and congregate when they visit.  No doubt we'll be using it at openings now.

Your comfort is our concern....Fieldwork has an OUTHOUSE!

fieldwork, outhouse building, spring 2012
fieldwork, outhouse, spring 2012
fieldwork, outhouse, spring 2012

Mr. Golden Shoes, carpenter Cam Gray, spent many an hour this spring building this lovely outhouse which I encourage you to witness when you visit fieldwork!  He was joined by Heidi Earnshaw, skilled and talented woman that she is who generously offered her assistance to the project.  Thanks to you both for your contributions to making our site more welcoming and comfortable for our visitors!