September 2011

Ooh, Ah, Wow! gets installed in the field

fieldwork-ooh ah wow-karina bergmans
fieldwork-ooh ah wow-karina bergmans
fieldwork-ooh ah wow-karina bergmans

Yesterday, Karina Bergmans and friends, Jenny McMaster and Jason Derikozis, came out to install the latest work in the field.  Karina has spent many weeks sewing some pretty fabulous, and certainly arresting, words and letters that we spent the better part of the day (Sunday of Labour Day weekend) stuffing with hay and anchoring in the field.  These objects are curious hybrids - referencing various and seemingly unrelated things all at once - language, grafitti, pillows, mattress, snowmobile suits, goalie pads, and scarecrows.  Much fun!

Come out and join us next Sunday, September 11 for the opening of 'Ooh, Ah, Wow!'.  Karina will be on-site to field any questions you may have.  More info about the opening and the workshop with CNCAC

Time Lapse video of Karina Bergmans making a giant 'W' for her fieldwork installation

Have a look at Karina Bergmans making the first 'W' for 'WOW' - part of 'Ooh, Ah, Wow!' now installed at fieldwork! (video created by K. Bergmans)


OOH AH WOW Installed at Fieldwork

word art, text, tarp, land art, fieldwork, Karina Bergmans

OOH, AH, WOW is installed at Fieldwork and opened on September 11, 2011.  It has been a challenging opportunity to create outdoor words for a field exhibition in terms in materials and scale.  In the coming months, I will add a few blog posts to this page with images of the process of creating the work, installing the work, repairing the work (after a incident with a 10 yr old ATV enthusiast) and the ensuing hay mite bites from the hay stuffing days. As the season changes from beautiful warm September  to the decent into winter, I will post the changes in the word works as may slump and alter as they are affected by the elements. It will be interesting to see what is left come springtime...I want to thank the Fieldwork Collective for their support with this project and a special thank you to the installation team: Jason, Jenny, Susie and Cam.  It would not have been possible to bring this work to life without you. If you are travelling down Hwy 7 in the next 6 months, turn onto Old Brooke Road for a look-see at the field.

A Day In The Field


Photo: Julie Druker.  Article from The Frontenac News
We had a terriffic day at fieldwork Sunday, September 11 celebrating the opening of Karina Bergman's new installation "OOH, AH, WOW!", and creating art in the forest behind the field with members of the Coalition for New Canadians in Arts and Culture (CNCAC), and several local and Kingston-area artists.  It was a fabulous day.  Julie Druker, reporter for The Frontenac News spent the day with us too.  Here is her account of the day.  THANKS Julie for the great article!