May 2011

Opening of Fieldwork's Summer Installations


fieldwork is holding the opening of its Summer Art Installations this Sunday, May 15th between 2-4 pm.  

Participating artists are Steven White (Owen Sound), Jennifer Ryder-Jones (Almonte), Michael Alstad (Toronto), and the Bakerygroup (Marcin Padlewski and Anissa Szeto-Padlewski (Clayton)).  (Click on their names to view their websites). 

The installations, each a unique visual response to the nature of the site itself, result also from each artist’s specific interests and methods of working.  Steven White’s work Piano Pendulum invites participation from the public (and nature) and highlights his interest in ‘accidental’ music, nature and technology.  Jennifer Ryder-Jones’ Scrag-ends/Scarecrows contemplate the notion of ‘waste’, renewal and decay.  Michael Alstad’s Coyote Illumination brings some drama and light to the field and investigates the relationship/tension between humans, the wild, and nature.  Finally, the Bakerygroup’s Inside/Out invites us to ponder our perception of art and how it is influenced by the environment that ‘frames’ the art-viewing experience.

Bring your family and friends out this Sunday (May 15, 2-4 pm) for a walk around the field to explore this new work and meet the artists.  All are welcome.  Light refreshments will be available. The Summer Installations will remain in the field until the end of August.

great time, great people, great art, at the opening of the summer installations!

fieldwork-michael alstad-coyote illumination
fieldwork-steven white- piano pendulum
fieldwork-jennifer ryder jones-scragends/scarecrows

Despite the continuing grey weather a great crowd of people came out to celebrate  the opening of fieldwork's Summer 2011 installations with us.  Great food, wonderful, imaginative installations, lovely people and a lovely space.  What more does one need on a sombre May afternoon? After a long winter, and a couple of barren weeks, the field is now showing off its 'summer collection'!   More pictures will be posted soon in the 'spring/summer 2011 gallery' in the menu to the right.

Come visit!

piano pendulum

fieldwork-steven white-piano pendulum

To listen to Steven White's Piano Pendlum click on the video below.