September 2010

Thank you's from Brooke Valley School

fieldwork, Flower Marie Lunn, Badges for Brooke Valley, BVS thank yous

The students of Brooke Valley School paid a visit to the fieldwork site at the end of June.  Later in July, I received a wonderful package in the mail: a booklet of pockets filled will thank you notes!  Each also included a drawing of what they would make a badge of.  Several times I thought "of course!" How could I have forgotten about climbing trees!  Or looking at the stars! 

It is interesting to see what aspect of their experience is valuable or important enough that they would make it into their badge.  Animals, flowers, soccer, friends; whatever it was that connects them to the world they live in. 

climbing trees animals
water beetles barn dance
flowers Kiana
bike riding to school
rose looking at stars
flowers crayfish
soccer skating rink
friends you


A big thank you to all the kids of Brooke Valley School, and to Coral Nault, their wonderful teacher. 
Many years ago when I went to the school, she was our art teacher.  I have much to thank her for - her inspiration and unflagging support have encouraged several crops of highly creative former students!

One of the biggest gifts from growing up in this community has been the creative engagement with the world around us, particularly with the beauty and wonders to be found in the land.  That is still very much with me, and forms the core of my art practice, wherever I go.

New Work Now In The Field!

fieldwork, jesse stewart's aeolian organ

Two new installations are now at fieldwork!

In the field:

Aeolian Organ, an installation by Ottawa artist, composer, musician, and writer Jesse Stewart consists of tuned pipes of various lengths distributed across the field in such a way as to create a waveform across the horizon. Made out of 4-inch diameter black ABS pipe, the pipes elicit different tones as wind blows across vertical openings near the top of each tube. These openings are oriented in different directions such that shifts in wind direction will activate different pipes, resulting in an ever-changing series of harmonies. The pipes are tuned to a natural minor scale or "aeolian mode," named after Aeolus, the Greek god of wind. Although the pipes will only sound on windy days, the piece draws attention to both the landscape and the soundscape in all kinds of weather, encouraging those who engage with the work to think about the relationships between themselves, the landscape, and the sonic environment. 

This installation will run until the spring 2011.

On the website:

Kelly Price, media artist, writer, and musician from BC has created our first online installation.  

Field of Play has been developed as an online installation for the fieldwork website. It is inspired by nostalgia for growing up in rural Ontario, and draws on memories of playing in open fields as a child.  Based on a series of sound recordings done in the spring of 2010 at a chosen field site on Gabriola Island, BC, acoustic elements and the experience of inhabiting the field stie became the starting points for the creation of an interactive, online landscape.

Questions surrounding the interplay between tangible/virtual landscapes, embodiment and the internal landscape of the imagination are key to Field of Play.  The user is invited to play within a virtual 'field' of sound and image.  Although it can be a challenge to linger, to slow down and listen, it is this challenge that informs the experience.  It is in stillness and attention to detail that moments of playfulness are uncovered.  Field of Play is a digital meditation on the pleasure of creating and holding space in order to re-engage with oneself and the environment.

This installation is ongoing.