August 2009

INSPIRATIONS (Third Posting) hares & squares

Inspirations are derived from many sources. I am reminded of a few. We live and work in Toronto, a large city, and the site located in a rural environment provided inspiration due to its stark contrast to the sites we generally work with.
We often stop when there is a dead earthling on the highway, pushing it off to the side into the soft landscape where it can decompose and return to the earth with dignity.
The hare was one such being, a European Hare, a naturalized alien but not considered invasive.
The ubiquitous orange daylily that at one time dominated our own garden has also naturalized well, but is it invasive? We see the same daylily along many country roads including Old Brooke Road, its colour the inspiration for the painting of the artwork.
An old spring toy sits in our back garden. Is it a rabbit or a hare? No longer useable due to new safety standards, it was salvaged. Seen through the colours of the bonfires we often have, the simple toy suggested a direction for the artwork.
The leaves in the valley cut square, was an earlier exploration and intervention.
What engages our attention the most? Square shapes that mimic signage boards but are not signs, or oversized hare cutouts that jump out as we drive by? Both remind us of the relationships, the joy and the delightful surprises that are part of the landscape and part of who we are?

SIMPLE CONSTRUCTIONS (Fourth Posting) hares & squares

Eguchi Associates Landscape Archiects


Simple Constructions (4th Posting) Hares & Squares


The joy of creating a project that is a temporary installation reminds us of the beauty of a spring ephemeral and life itself. We apply our most intense focus, appreciation and passion to the artwork because we know its existence is limited.


The challenge for the project was to economically construct the artwork out of material that would withstand outdoor conditions for the duration of the 2009 summer season. Vandalism was not considered an issue and the artwork, if used as shooting targets, (while not encouraged), would be deemed to be an essential part of the evolving artwork.


We considered various materials such as EVA foam and also extruded polystyrene foam sandwiched between colourful, corrugated Coroplast sheets. There did not appear to be any easy way of mounting these materials in a simple and discreet way to withstand certain anticipated forces of nature.


In the end we settled on a more traditional palette of materials: 3/8 inch, exterior grade, good one side plywood, 2 by 3/4/6’s, screws, construction adhesive, metal T posts and paint.


The construction process started with hand drawn sketches developed further into cadd drawings of the final outlines of the shapes. The larger structural 2 by members were located as well.

The process was primitive. We projected the drawings with our laptop connected to a video projector and hand traced the outlines onto the sheets of plywood on our driveway. It was a truly memorable, moonlit evening.


In contrast to the complex technologies that we live with every day, we seem to find that basic craft-making using simple tools and common materials connects our inside world to the outside world in a very direct and calming manner.


After screwing over twelve hundred, 1 ¼ inch, zinc plated, # 8 wood screws, the original 15 sheets of 4 by 8 plywood took form.


Neighbourhood wonder evolved into smiles and neighbourly delight!!!!

fieldwork featured in September issue of Guerilla Magazine

Guerilla 5th Anniversary party invitation

fieldwork is being featured in Issue #21 of Ottawa arts and culture magazine, Guerilla!  Check out Guerilla's website in September to purchase a print edition  or to view the online version of the magazine.

Guerilla is also celebrating its 5th anniversary next Thursday (Sept. 3) at the Ottawa Art Gallery. Festivities include music, performance, screenings, exhibitions, a silent auction and lots of time to socialize with plenty of interesting folk!  it promises to be a fun evening and some of us from fieldwork are planning on being there.  (Note: Issue #21 will be available to those attending the event).  If you live in the Ottawa area please come out and support dynamic, local culture!