June 2009

fieldwork's Spring Installation - Heavenly Blue by Erin Robertson

Erin Robertson's 'Heavenly Blue' spring fieldwork installation

Last Sunday we installed Erin Robertson's sculpture Heavenly Blue in the field.   From a distance (ie. the road), he is amazingly convincing - looking like a lone figure standing guard in the field.  A few people have told me that they've waved at it as they drive by, not realizing until later that he's a man made of clay.

Erin will be posting about her work in the near future so stay tuned.

fieldwork at the New Art Festival, Ottawa

fieldwork was invited to be a guest at the New Art Festival this weekend in the Glebe in Ottawa.  The New Art Festival is a juried outdoor art fair organized by area artist Chandler Swain.   We decided to send Chris Grosset's piece Periscope to this festival.  Periscope was part of a series of sculptures he made for Migra-scoping, Grosset's fieldwork installation last autumn (2008).

It was terrific to see the public - adults and kids alike- interacting with the piece and actually lining up to look through the periscope.  Everyone seemed delighted and intrigued!   This weekend has been a great outreach opportunity for fieldwork as 1000's of people attend this festival.  Hopefully, some of them will have the chance to visit the field, or our blog, at some point(s) in the future to see what is currently happening!  Many thanks Chandler for the opportunity!

fieldwork opening for 'Heavenly Blue' and 'Hares and Squares'

Real Eguchi's 'Hares and Squares'. Fieldwork's summer 2009 installation
Erin Robertson's 'Heavenly Blue'.  Fieldwork's Spring 2009 installation

fieldwork invites you to the opening picnic for 'Heavenly Blue' (spring installation), and 'Hares and Squares' (summer installation). Erin Robertson, maker of the terracotta soldier patrolling the field, and  Real Eguchi and Barbara Flanagan-Eguchi, makers of 'Hares and Squares' will be present.

When:  Saturday, July 11, 2009.  4pm and on
Where:  the field across the road from 2501Old Brooke Rd. (near Maberly, ON) or visit our location page for a map/directions

We will provide light refreshments but encourage you to bring family and friends, a picnic, and the desire to relax and stay a while, meet the artists, and have a meal in our open-air 'gallery'.  If weather permits (ie. it isn't too dry, or raining), we will follow with a bonfire for any who'd like to stay on.  (Please note, due to other critters around we ask that you leave your pets at home)

For those of you unable to come to the opening, the installations will be up for the duration of the summer, so please stop by when/if you can!

Installing Heavenly Blue

Erin Robertson installing fieldwork's spring installation 'Heavenly Blue'